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Friday, June 16, 2017


                                        State Capitol Building  of New Hampshire

What a beautiful State Capitol Building in a beautiful state. We truly live in a great country. My hope is that it stays a great country. It seems as though things are unraveling in our nations capitol. Why are our congressmen and women not standing up for the American people? The average American is getting the short end of the stick in health care and tax relief. The congress (at least the Republicans) are giving all the breaks in taxes and health care to the very rich. That is not helping or supporting the people that voted them in office. Why do they think they can constantly get away with this kind of action. Americans are getting fed up with this kind of behavior. Americans want a fair deal! The government better wake up to this or they will have big problems on their hands. The shoting at the baseball field maybe only the beginning of more trouble to come even though I hope not. I see many people getting angry over no help for lower taxes, more job creation with a decent wage attached, health care they can afford, and a building up of failing America. We are turning into a third world country and nothing is being done about it. Wake up government. We didn't put you there to make you rich! Get on the ball and help your constituents.We are asking you nicely for now. May we all be strong and help one another.