What would we do without a greeting......card?

I just love to make my own greeting cards. There are endless possibilities. You can personalize them to fit the person or the occassion.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Cards is my passion

I have been working on my greeting cards and finished several this week. Some got sent to friends and family and others are in the finished card box. This box contains cards that are finished and have not yet found a home. I plan to use some as gifts and I know some will be sent out in my name. I just love it when I come up with a clever idea. I made a Rockies baseball birthday card for my friend MJ and also one for her husband. Such cool cards and perfect for these season ticket holders. I have been sending a lot of cards to my friend J. She is having a major life challenge right now and I want her to know I am thinking of her. I hope to  make a resergence of sending cards and notes to those we care about. It is becoming a lost art and that is a shame. I will pursue this goal and see if I can get things rolling again.

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