What would we do without a greeting......card?

I just love to make my own greeting cards. There are endless possibilities. You can personalize them to fit the person or the occassion.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cards, cards and more cards

Today I had friends over for a card making party. It was great fun for all and oh the cute cards that were made. I love hosting this event and I know my friends enjoy the time we spend together crafting. My hope is that I can get people sending cards and correspondence to friends and family again. I think with the availability of email this sometimes is becoming a lost art. I know I enjoy receiving this kind of mail and I think most people do. I will do my best to get people excited about reaching out and sending tangible cards and notes again. I will plan to get some of my cards uploaded and begin to post them here on my Blog so you can see what I am making theses days. See you soon

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