What would we do without a greeting......card?

I just love to make my own greeting cards. There are endless possibilities. You can personalize them to fit the person or the occassion.

Friday, June 24, 2011

My attempt to post one of my cards

I am going to try to post one of my cards that I made. I have been working on some cards for the holidays. I know it is still summer, but if I make a couple Christmas cards a week by the time I need to send them I will have enough. Christmas cards help to keep me cool in this summer heat.  I have many ideas for cards for the holidays so I know I will enjoy this project. Well here goes to try and post a picture. It looks like I may have succeeded. I hope you enjoy seeing my work. It sure is fun creating these cards. Until next time - have a wonderful life (from the movie of the same name) how Christmasy is that!

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